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Our Services

We are a GTA based landscaping company that prides ourselves on our consistent, punctual service for all of our landscaping services. All of the landscaping services listed below can be incorporated into a regular landscape maintenance program custom-tailored to suit your needs. Please email us or phone us at (416)838-3183 for your free quote on your residential or strata landscaping project.

Landscape Design

Increase the value of your home

Our goal is not just to perform our maximum ability to the peak , but as well as to present the clients need and transform it into the physical spacing but blend in with the nature. Creativity is the element. We offer a wide range of landscape services that can accommodate any yard or garden. Whether your design needs are small or large, or you simply need assistance in planting, we have a service for you. If you are unsure which service would best suit your needs.

Sketch Service

Call us to arrange a date/time to meet with one of our landscape design professionals for an sketch service appointment. Bring in your property measurements, photos, soil and light conditions and our design expert will suggest foundation planting ideas or planting solutions for your specific area. We will review your property photographs to produce a sketch drawing of your garden.

Landscape Design Consultation – At Home

The landscape designer will discuss your property needs and assist you with setting your goal. This includes choosing plant material, plant maintenance, light conditions, and the style you prefer. You will be given a list of plant material with quantities. If time permits the landscape designer can draw a rough concept sketch (not to scale) that will identify planting areas and general ideas for placement of paths, patios and/or decks. For a more detailed, in-depth plan specific to decks and patios, please see our Master Plan option.

Master Plan

This is a scaled drawing, which is an aerial view of the yard and areas discussed. In most cases these plans are computer generated. Some may be hand rendered. If landscaping is something you are interested in, you will most likely require a Master Plan. Master Plans enable you (the home owner) to visualize your plans for larger projects and to help you better understand how the final product will look. It will also help the contractor to provide accurate quotes for costs and project timing.

Scope of Work


First Site Visit

Meeting with clients, Receiving inputs Brainstorming, Walking in the garden with feel and put thoughts with joy Photographic, inventory Determining clients personality and background.


Preliminary design concepts

Present drawings and budget In depth conversation with more understanding and recognition of every individual interest and life style Addendens and changes.


Second presentation with details

Planting presentation Detail drawing. During this meeting, the landscape designer will meet the client at the project site to conduct an analysis of the site and further discuss the client’s objectives. A rough sketch of the design with projected project timeline will be provided. A deposit for design will be collected, before moving forward to the next stage.


Final Meeting

Sign contract Construction frame and warranties explanation. It’s now time to review the final design and drawings. Working with the client, a landscape designer will answer questions and make adjustments to the design elements and suggested materials to ensure the client is satisfied with the creative concept.


Execution of work

Construction Period. Our team will gather all materials, as well as required permits and documentation necessary to begin the build process. Throughout this process and the building stage, our staff will maintain regular communication with the client in order to stay updated with scheduling details and work progress.

Professional Landscape Installation

Authorized Contractors are independent companies that are recommended by the professionals at W.L.D.G to complete your landscape installation. Each Authorized Contractor guarantees their work and is dedicated to providing superior workmanship and customer service. Other services provided by our Authorized Landscape Contractors include: Tree Removal/Pruning, Irrigation, Fence and Deck Installation, Lighting, Natural Stonework, Interlock, Water Garden Installation and Water Features.

Get in Touch

Contact us today and we will help you with individual design ideas, materials and anything else needed, to get your landscaping project started. Our professional and qualified landscape designer will thoroughly analyze your property and suggest all possible landscaping ideas. We will provide a list of all options available, according to your taste and needs. Contact us by phone, e-mail, or send us a message using the contact form.