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About William Cheng

Member of Ontario Association of Landscape Architects and Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association

Born in Hong Kong, William Cheng attended Guelph University when he was 17, where he attained a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Landscape Architecture. Since his graduation, Cheng, now 60, has been working in the field of landscaping, including landscape architecture. Offering high-quality service, he has completed numerous jobs over the past 35 years, including landscaping for municipal projects as well as for corporations and luxury residences.

Why Choose US

Unique Design Style

  • Our design style combines the traditional art of Chinese Geomancy (Feng Shui) and Canadian culture into one.
  • We put our hearts into everything we do, even our drafts are pieces of artwork.
  • The award-winning team consists of professional employees with an average of 20+ years experience. 

Your satisfaction is our priority

  • We will humbly listen to your requests and take them into consideration for the project.
  • No matter what your ideal landscape is, we can turn it into reality. I.e. A past client liked the songs of birds and we built a bird fountain and planted trees that attracted songbirds to her garden. Our clients are always satisfied with the finished projects because we’d turn your ideal landscape into reality.

Residential Projects

Michael’s Residence
Anna’s Residence
Jennifer and Michael’s Residence 2
John’s Residence
Wong’s Residence
Josephines’ Residence
George Mcfarlane’s Residence
Ken‘s Residence
Lee Ching Residence

Lee Ching Residence

Pang Finish’s Residence

John and Mary Residence

Bring Award-winning Landscape Design to Your Home

Every design concept starts with the client’s vision. 

Our Customers Say

Recommend William to anyone without any hesitation

I have been very appreciative of Mr. William Cheng’s creative design and great service which has provided me with a pleasurable outdoor environment. I would be glad to recommend him and his company to anyone without any hesitation.

Ricky Lui

An honest and upstanding pillar of the community

I have known Mr. William Cheng to be an honest and upstanding pillar of the community. He is widely respected as a fine landscaper in the oriental community for his versatile command of oriental landscaping culture and Feng-Shui (environmental style).

Stephen Chow

Our Services

We understand gardens. We also understand that every gardener has a different dream for their space. Whether you are looking for help to create a healthy flower garden, or interested in putting down flagstone for a more manageable space, we can help. Our team has a passion for the artistic potential of every green space and practical scientific knowledge that allows us to make your dream come true.


In the growing demand of residential landscaping, people seem to prefer flagstone walkways and driveways. These natural stones come in many sizes, shapes and colors to give a natural feel.


Landscaping is an art that takes creativity to produce beautiful results. Fully realize your imagined dream landscape and provide aesthetic beauty to your surroundings and value to your home.


Interlocking stone is an excellent alternative to concrete patios, driveways and walkways. On top of its long term value, it also adds more style and vitality which increases  your garden’s overall value .


The brightest, healthiest gardens are crucial to making a home look wonderful. Being knowledgeable about botany, we ‘ll help you to create the garden of your dreams.

Scope of Work


First Site Visit

Meeting with clients. We receive inputs and start brainstorming. Walk in the garden with feel and put thoughts with joy Photographic, inventory Determining client’s personality and background.


Preliminary Design Concepts

Present drawings and budget. In depth conversation with clients to provide more understanding and recognition of individual interests and lifestyles. Changes to plan accordingly.


Second Presentation with Details

Planting presentation Detail drawing. During this meeting, the landscape designer will meet the client at the project site to conduct an analysis of the site and further discuss the client’s objectives. A rough sketch of the design with projected project timeline will be provided. A deposit for design will be collected, before moving forward to the next stage.


Final Meeting

Sign contract Construction frame and warranties explanation. It’s now time to review the final design and drawings. Working with the client, a landscape designer will answer questions and make adjustments to the design elements and suggested materials to ensure the client is satisfied with the creative concept.


Execution of work

Construction Period. Our team will gather all materials, as well as required permits and documentation necessary to begin the build process. Throughout this process and the building stage, our staff will maintain regular communication with the client in order to stay updated with scheduling details and work progress.

Bring Award-winning Landscape Design to Your Home

Every design concept starts with the client’s vision. 





Bring Award-winning Landscape Design to Your Home

Every design concept starts with the client’s vision.