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Anna’s Residence

A water feature, a deck, and a fence combine in this garden to create a private Eden. Wood, metal, liquid and earth all enhance the basic design approach and, therefore, the ideal of Paradise. The wooden deck is stepped. Pot planters mark its base while built-in planters, hanging plants and integrated benches are all part of the design. The wooden deck rises high above the other major feature, the large, rocky, cavern-type water feature. Here, lilies float as water spills down the rough textured sides. Overall, framing the water flowing below is a tree. Both conceal an iron fence. The deliberate detailed ironwork of the fence acts as a barrier to the intrusion of the outside world. The fence acts to protect the yearning for privacy of the owners. This is an idea the landscape architect reinforces by boldly placing the colourful shrubbery in front of the iron fence, strategically situating the water feature and using all the skills possible.