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Frey Doom’s Garden

A landscape architect deals with design, elements and atmosphere. In this garden, stone steps descend to a patio jutting out into a cascading flow of brilliant flowers and greenery. The world of wild seems not far from here. Crushed red rocks wind their way in a trail through luscious, but carefully sculpted gardens. Here, you see a hosta, there, an abundance of red and white impatiens. You stop where a metal bird stays frozen in place amidst the thorny roses. Off the pathway, a simple stone bench beckons. It is easy to sit here and forget the outside world. It is also easy to see the route that binds the worlds together. Lamps light the way. They lead sometimes to the pond, a rough-hewn work with floating water lilies – a perfect escape for adult and child alike. In this garden, Faeries must live.