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Arlan & Alice’s Residence

This garden is all about lines, straight, angular, circular. In the back, a large deck looms over a space where modified nature rules. A wooden bridge and ramp advances crookedly to a gazebo. The bridge, like the gazebo, sits among the rough blocks of stone. Some comprise the deeply etched water feature. The garden is also about variations of height, from the layered rock and grass and plant arrangement near the gazebo to the stepped look at the front entrance.

The garden is a combination of smooth and rough. The stone entryway and steps combine rough irregular shapes with smooth edges. Slabs of rock create a rough-looking stepping stone path. In the back, red stone chips create a smoothly flowing loop path. The patio has smooth coloured stones of various sizes and shapes. A circular form curves into rectangular and odd square -shaped continuation before the wooden boardwalk, then bridge takes over.


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