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John & Sophia’s Residence

Landscape can exist in separate pods, apart from each other. This creates the chance to explore different facets. At the same time, you can unite them. The front of this property features a winding walk-in trail. It passes through one section, wanders through another, eventually leading you to the front door. Different coloured stone, spiral junipers, Kwanzung Cherry trees, specimen grasses and sitting rocks follow the curving route. Trees line the driveway. Native Maple trees provide colour and form to the approach. In the backyard, the expanse was left free. Focus on one area, created a small island. Interlocking stones of various colours changed as they formed intertwining circular patterns, a Celtic knot of colour and plantings. Three singular trees mark the area. Around it are native maples. In season, they provide a blaze of colour: one in yellow, one in red, and one in orange.


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Tel: 416-838-3183
Tel: 416-835-8823

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