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Lorna & John’s Residence

A landscape designer makes the most of all space. All elements combine to create the client’s dream. A wooden deck can become an art form and a garden on its own. The simplistic deck features built-in wooden planters and benches. A couple of carefully placed pots, burgeoning with flowers and other greenery, utilize the deck to its maximum. Here you can sit and relax or entertain friends. It is the height of civility. It can change its nature from formal to informal. It depends upon you and the landscape designer. Once off the deck, your eye catches the gleam of white pebble stones. They clearly delineate the green grass from the grey patio stones. Casually placed on the patio, two stone slabs pile on one another, topped by a large black urn holding a colourful bouquet of mixed flowers and greenery. Farther along, some pebble stones support larger prehistoric rocks hosta and wild grasses. These different elements and textures create an unusual bedding path.