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Norton’s Residence

An elegant front entrance to this home appears even more graceful through the use of the rising layers of interlocking circular stone steps. The small hardy bushes themselves make a semi circular screen to the entranceway. In the backyard, coloured stones, a patio and a deck comprise a beautiful picture of relaxation and entertainment. Beyond this civility, stretches a bridge. It arches over a small pond leading to privacy. In this world, everything is balanced. The rocks forming the basis for the water’s bed are in casual piles to either side of the bridge. The wooden bridge incisively cuts the pond visually into two equal parts. It is the bridge that leads away from, yet ties this mild wilderness to the patio and deck. It interlocks the two possibilities, relaxation and escape, together to form one pleasant world. Such is the craft of the landscape architect to accomplish this and to do so effectively and simply.