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Punjanis’s Residence

Your home is your palace. In this case, the size of the land dictates the enormity of the possibilities. From the long driveway with its carefully orchestrated plantings to the central grey statue offset by the red flowers hovering at its base, to the cascading, roaring waters pouring off the cliff in the backyard, this creation is about setting and design. Precast and raw boulders vie with natural blooming glories for your eye. Carefully crafted terraces, sheets of rock, enhance the grandeur of the landscape. A constructed wall of smooth stone marks the end of the managed wild. From here to the house, cultivated and groomed splendor is the norm. So, too, does the civilized touch grace the grounds around the opposite end of the waterfall that explodes onto the landscape. With the splendour of an ancient Roman villa in the hills, this house within its landscape embodies some unique possibilities of landscape design.